ICBB2016|International Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering

5th International Conference on
Biotechnology and Bioengineering

ICBB2016  Dec. 8-10, 2016  Bangkok, Thailand



Asia-Pacific Association of Science, Engineering and Technology
Burapha University
Chinese Journal of Biologicals
Offenburg University of Applied Sciences

Supported by

European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Program Chair:

Se-Kwon Kim, Director of Marine Bioprocess Research Center (MBPRC) at Pukyong National University, Republic of Korea

Scientific Committee:

Antonio Trincone Italian National Research Council, Italy
Andrea Cerase European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Italy
Alexander Kharlamov De Haar Research Foundation, Netherlands
Arun K. Bhunia Purdue University, USA
Bharat Bhushan The Ohio State University, USA
Chutiwan Dechsakulwatana Burapha University, Thailand
Chien-Sheng Chen National Central University, Taiwan
Daniel E.  Morse University of California, USA
Do Vo Anh Khoa Can Tho University, Viet Nam
Gaetano Valenza Harvard Medical School, &
  Massachusetts General Hospital, &
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Ioannis S. Boziaris University of Thessaly, Greece
Ipek Kurtboke University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia
Jin-Soo Kim Seoul National University, South Korea
Martin Bohner Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA
Malihe S. Poormasjedi M Tokushima University, Japan
Masroor Ellahi Babar T.I. Virtual University of Pakistan, Pakistan
Mohamed T. Rakha The World Vegetable Center, Taiwan
MOHAMMAD FAISAL King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Mohammad Reza Daliri Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran
N. Nikolaev Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian
Qingzhong Yu United States Department of Agriculture, USA
RAM CHANDRA Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, India
Rimantas Kodzius King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
Sergey Petoukhov Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian
Shaukat Ali Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Pakistan
Tariq Mahmood University of Central Punjab, Pakistan
Thomas Maskow The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Germany
Timothy Saunders National University of Singapore, Singapore
Tobias Haber Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Tomonori SONOKI Hirosaki University, Japan
V.R.Singh PDM Group of Institutions, India
Yanika Kowitlawakul National University of Singapore, Singapore
Yoshikazu Ohya University of Tokyo, Japan